The Neubot Project

The Neubot Project was a project by the Nexa Center for Internet & Society at Politecnico di Torino (DAUIN). The project started in June 2008 and concluded on May 31, 2017. After this date, Simone Basso has been maintaining the software tools originated by the Neubot project.

This web page exists to document the status of Neubot after the original project at Nexa Center has been shut down.

The spirit of the agreement around Neubot between Simone Basso and the Nexa Center is that the Neubot tool will be retired and the Neubot name will not be used anymore. Yet, it's fine for the DASH experiment researched and implemented as part of the Neubot project to continue to exist. This experiment, in fact, was implemented by the Measurement Kit library that was integrated by thousands of OONI mobile clients.

Accordingly, development of the DASH experiment continues in the GitHub repository. Because the Nexa Center is not directly responsible of the DASH experiment, we also of course updated the DASH experiment's privacy policy accordingly (see neubot/dash#24).

All the other repositories in the Neubot organisation have been archived and all the corresponding software tools have been retired. The organisation is still jointly controlled by Simone Basso and (at least one) Nexa center representative.

As of October 2020, OONI continues to be the main integration of the DASH experiment.

Because the DASH experiment is still deployed in production, we are evaluating improvements aimed at making it more performant and more accurate within the original spirit of measuring streaming-like performance.